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These numbers have been growing since inception in 2015


We Are The Titans Nation

Titans Rugby is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We run invitational teams, touring locally and internationally, sharing our high-performance brand of rugby, building and maintaining strong relationships wherever we go.
We cater for ages from 10 – 19.

The Beginning

The idea of Titans Rugby originated in 2015. We wanted to provide ambitious, passionate, rugby players with opportunities to improve themselves through exposure to higher levels of opposition and training. In both the 15 and 7 man format of the game.

We started small – with 4 sevens teams – a grand total of 48 boys, and then our momentous journey began…

The Journey So Far

Titans Rugby fostered a culture of professionalism and attracted strong brand-alignment, growing in stature – and values – over time. Our passion for the game and its future players resulted in convincing displays of skill and sportsmanship.

Our most talented and driven players have been selected for provincial teams. Representative teams have become a growing and successful feature of our brand. National and international tours followed. To date, Titans Rugby has toured France, England and Wales, Portugal and Ireland.

In 5 years we have become a centre of excellence for over 1,000 players.

The Journey Continues…

Titans Rugby will continue doing what we do best. Pushing boundaries, changing the game and exploring new avenues of opportunity and exposure for ALL our players through the initiatives which can be found in our academy section.

We will continue our brand philosophy which embraces the tenets of good sportsmanship, passion, excellence, honesty, accountability, respect, integrity and social responsibility.

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Governance And Affiliation

Titans Rugby ensures the highest level of governance and safety when it comes to rugby. ensuring the following are maintained and strictly followed in accordance with residing boy regulations.


Titans Rugby is affiliated to the Golden Lions Rugby Union, not as a club, but as an autonomous entity. Always ensuring to follow Golden Lions’ approval over all aspects.


All coaches are Boksmart accredited and assurance is placed on the fact that Boksmart is followed during all aspects of rugby participation, from training to game day.


The highest priority is based on coaches accreditation and qualification and as such, Titans Rugby ensures all coaches are accredited through World Rugby.


Medics are present and available where and when needed, to attend to any injuries, be it minor or more serious. This is a serious must, especially on match days.

Social Responsibility

You cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Titans Rugby believes in taking social responsibility seriously. Players are taught social awareness through various projects that are implemented every year.


What We Do For You

At Titans Rugby, we are aware of the challenges of our players’ already full schedules, thus we provide various flexible programmes, allowing players to join and participate at times amenable to them.

Players & Coaches

Titans Rugby Clinics are held three or four times throughout the year.

These clinics provide a professional environment in which players are exposed to a number of coaches and coaching styles – from our own adept coaches to specialist coaches invited to join our sessions.

Coach the Coaches sessions and our webinars are also popular features of the Titans Rugby Programme, which is open to all players and coaches. These comprise of:

  • individual positional specific coaching from specialised and professional coaches
  • rugby specific open learning environments
High Performance
Training Environment

Contextual Development Environment for team development.

Titans Rugby provides a high-performance contextual development environment. Players learn to develop their core individual skills withing the greater context of a team dynamic.

This is a fantastic training ground for role-specific or unit-based development and is geared specifically to high-performance players looking to prepare for important games and tournaments. The Titans Rugby High-Performance Training Environment offers:

  • Individual positioning coaching and contextual development
  • Rugby experience and exposure in diverse and challenging conditions
  • Integrated pathway development
  • Top class coaching
  • High standards of performance
  • The sports ethics of passion, honesty, accountability, respect, and integrity

Titans Rugby aligns itself with school development needs.

We offer weekly training sessions at individual schools wishing to engage with us. Satellites at various schools allow players to attend in a familiar environment in a convenient time slot.

We focus on improving individual player skills to benefit their overall rugby development. Programme overview:

  • Weekly training sessions at satellite sites
  • Accommodate all levels of play
  • High-performance environment for talent identification and progression
  • Full liability cover
Game Time

Via games, festivals, tours, nationally or internationally.

One of our main objectives has always been to provide game-time development opportunities where players can measure skills acquired as from the programme in games at various levels.

To achieve this, we arrange various friendly matches and tours, both national and international, providing a platform for every player. Game Time Development Overview:

  • Games against appropriate levels of opposition
  • Additional exposure for players
  • Opportunities for players to further their playing careers
  • Exposure to a rich variety of cultures and places both nationally and internationally
  • Memories and lifelong friendships


Elite Development Pathway

Titans Rugby has an objective to identify, recruit and develop talented players through our Elite Pathway Development. Players are offered access to top class coaching in a High-Performance Environment.


Identify and recruit players with the potential to excel in a high-performance environment.


Design plan considering both individual needs and correlation to the team dynamic


Implement development plan in a mentally and physically challenging environment.


Use metric-based testing, combined with rugby-specific training development.

Titans Rugby strives to teach a culture that motivates and instils a code of excellence.

Our Events

Some Recent Events

Titans Rugby participates in many events which range from festivals, national and international tours, sevens and 15-a-side tournaments, as well as training clinics.

Have a look at some of our recent events:

The Black WaveOne Jersey One TeamTitans Nation



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