School Boy Rugby

Helpmekaar Kollege


Fixtures 2017

11-Mar-17 Helpmekaar vs Eldoraigne
18-Mar-17 Helpmekaar vs Affies
28-Mar-17 Jeppe vs Helpmekaar
13-Apr-17 Helpmekaar vs St John’s (Harare) St John’s
15-Apr-17 Paul Roos vs Helpmekaar St John’s
17-Par-17 Nelspruit vs Helpmekaar St John’s
29-Apr-17 Diamantveld vs Helpmekaar Wildeklawer
01-May-17 Selbourne vs Helpmekaar Wildeklawer
13-May-17 Helpmekaar vs Ben Vorster
20-May-17 Pietersburg vs Helpmekaar
27-May-17 Helpmekaar vs Waterkloof
03-Jun-17 Garsfontein vs Helpmekaar
29-Jul-17 Parktown vs Helpmekaar


Helpies moved up the rankings in the past three years, from 46 to 36 to 8. The expectations on the 2017 1st XV will be high, but Helpies will be confident in the experienced grade 11 boys that will take the regns in the 2017 year whilst the depth of the squad, their absence in the Beeld Mcro Compeition and their absence at the Wildeklawer festival will make for some talking points.  It is expected that teams like Jeppe and Monnas will steer well clear of the 2017 Helpies 1st XV and schools like Affies and Garsies will come with a tremendous onslaught against them. Provincial selection is expected to raise a couple of contentious issues next year if the status quo prevails in the region. Helpies are expected to field competitive sides in all four major age groups next year, but the seniors and the u16 should be worth a watch.

Everybody is talking about the Helpmekaar’s Dream Team for 2017. If we take into account their achievements since grade 8, it certainly seems like a dream team. This is this age group’s achievements over the years;
2013 as u14’s played 20, won 17, lost 2 and drew 1. Ranked 14th in the country. Beeld Big School Champions.
2014 as u15’s played 19, won 18, lost 1. Ranked 3rd in the country. Beeld Big Schools Champions.
2015 as u16’s played 18, won 18. Ranked 2nd in the country. Beeld Big School Champions.
Five players in 2016 Golden Lions Grant Khomo Team and another three in the Golden Lions Academy XV Team.
Inclusion of two players in the SARU u16 group. (Mark Snyman and David Cary)



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